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sometimes when i’m so blue i think things are going to turn purple i swing over to and take a look at the puppies.

yes, i know, i can’t have a puppy. i have three bunnies and a negative bank account. nevertheless, looking at the puppies sometimes makes me feel better.

i love to play! it says in her description.

"i love to play!" it says in her description.

for instance, take “pepper” here. she’s adorable. she’s available. she’d love me. i can feel it. all i want outta’ life right now is an australian shepherd that loves me and can stand bunnies. i know, i know, that’s asking too much. but if you get ’em young enough, dogs will do anything, right? i mean, she’s not a rat terrier. she wouldn’t try to eat the bunz.

okay, and maybe beyond a puppy, i wouldn’t mind having a kitten. i’ve never had a kitten before. they come in such snuggly varieties, too. l. m. montgomery, who wrote the emily of new moon and anne of green gables series, always wrote things about how grey cats are the only real cats. i kind of like orange tabbies, too, but whatever. i just want something to curl up on my lap and purr. or insist on climbing into bed with me. my bunnies could take me or leave me, which is not what i really want to feel right now, since that’s basically what the rest of the world says to me, too.

is it too much to ask to have an animal jump up and down in excitement when i come home, without having to offer it food? could something in the universe just appreciate me because of my ability to love and the warmth emanating from my body? why can’t i just buy something that tells me i’m great, unconditionally?

i love my bunnies, don’t get me wrong. but they’re just so blase about my existence. and i’m kind of tired of getting that vibe from all angles.

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