dirty photos

Reader H. E. writes:

What with digital cameras in phones and webcams, it’s really easy to take naked pics of yourself to send to your BF or whatever. What’s your take on dirty photos in the digital age?

Dear H.E.:

I’m going to draw a small line here. This line exists between “dirty” photos and “naked” photos.

In a dirty photo, you might be fully clothed, but insinuating something sexy somehow. In a naked photo, you’re baring all.

I can approve of dirty photos. I cannot approve of naked photos.

My personal take on naked photos is: don’t do it unless you are totally okay with your naked mug ending up on the internet for all to see. Because that is inevitably what will happen. Even if you think you and your current BF will never break up. Even if you’d trust him with your life. Nekkid pics get out, somehow, always.

boudoir photo

Every girl should have one of these. Image: Louisa Stokes / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A friend of mine once had some, shall we say, terribly personal videos of he and his GF on his phone’s SD card. He sent the phone in for repairs, forgetting about the data stored on the SD card. Lo and behold, the phone came back without the SD card. Who knows what’s been done with those videos? They’re probably on Red Tube somewhere, and he’s not making any money off ’em, that’s for sure.

And there’s another thing: people make money off of pictures and videos of naked ladies. So you wouldn’t just be exploited in that sexual way of having pervs look at your naked body without your permission; you’d be exploited in a monetary way, too.

Does your boyfriend really need a naked pic of you? I could see how you would want to titillate him, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship, but I seriously have to point out that the risk you take in putting a naked pic out there far outweighs the delight he’d get out of the photo, in my humble opinion.

However, I am not at all against getting saucy boudoir-style photos taken.

I am, in fact, all for dressing up in some sexy lingerie and having your picture taken for your boyfriend. I think it should be classy, rather than trashy. You can even do photos fully clothed!

Doing a boudoir photo shoot can make you feel really great, especially if the photographer knows what he’s doing. They make great surprise presents for boyfriends. Or you and your BF can do the shoot together. Whatever floats your boat, ya’ know.

Of course, the same warning for these photos goes for the naked photos. If you’re not comfortable with the idea that your sexy poses could end up on the screen of some stranger, you shouldn’t have the photos taken at all. That’s the nature of digital media — they’re easy to lose, manipulate, and distribute.

If you’re totally cool with a bunch of strange guys getting off on a naked photo of you, then by all means, take those naked cell phone pics and send ’em on.

And let’s cover this right now: KIDS. If you’re not 18 yet, hold back on taking or sending those dirty photos. Things get hairy concerning child pornography laws, so just use your noggin and wait to do the dirty pic thing until you and your sig-o can both legally vote, mkay?


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