my coworker is a b*tch

Reader B. C. writes:

I work at McDonald’s with this girl who is a straight up BITCH! She mad dogs me like crazy, even though all I ever do is say “hello”, and all the other girls I work with agree that she is just unpleasant to anything female. Her boyfriend works with us, which might explain why she’s so awful, except he’s totally ugly and let me tell you, she has absolutely no reason to fear any of us trying to steal him away. What can I do?

Dear B.C.:

If the girl’s bitchiness is interfering with your work, you can talk to your supervisor about it. I’m not sure what McDonald’s HR policies are, but I have a feeling”teamwork” is on the list of preferable traits in employees. If all the ladies at your workplace are experiencing the same bad attitude in this woman, someone should probably do something about it.

I got 99 problems

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Of course, female territorialism and cattiness, while ridiculous, are huge driving factors for many crazy ladies, and there is probably nothing you can do to convince her you’re not after her man-meat. Regardless of how ugly or stupid he may be, she is convinced he’s the best of the best, and obviously that means all the other girls are gonna’ want a taste.

Didn’t you hear about those teenaged girls  in Florida who were cat fighting over some guy who really wasn’t worth their time or effort? Yeah, one of those girls killed the other one. There were other girls involved, too. Don’t let that rumor that men are more aggressive than women fool you — girls can get pretty serious when it comes to their boyfriends.

If her mad dogging isn’t interfering with your work, I’d say avoid this girl as much as you possibly can. If she mad dogs you, look away. In fact, don’t make eye contact with her ever if you can avoid it. Be courteous in your work life, but avoid all other contact. Furthermore, avoid talking to her bf as much as you can, and not just because he’s unattractive. While I don’t think this girl is necessarily going to get violent on you, I wouldn’t want to risk it. Jealousy is a strange beast.

On the other hand, there are some funnier ways you could handle this:

Start hitting on her. Come out as a lesbian. Turn the tables. Let her know you’re not after her man; you want her, and only her. See how she likes that. Or maybe don’t hit on her, but let her know her man is totally out of the running for your affections by declaring your undying love for the fairer sex. Sure, other issues could arise at your workplace, but hey, it’ll probably make her stop mad dogging you.

Get the rest of the team to ignore her completely except when it comes to business. If she’s gonna’ be ridiculous, y’all can fight fire with fire. If no social interaction with females is what she wants, give it to her. Just make sure you’re not bullying or excluding her from work activities. Girls can get mean, and you want to be above that. Just don’t play her game by her rules.

Be so nice to her she can’t stand it. Override her unpleasantness with super sweetness. Ask how her day was. Invite her to come out with you and the other girls on Friday after work. Buy her presents. Be as ludicrous in the opposite direction as you possibly can. She’ll be confused, to say the least.

Or, maybe, you can just go about your business as usual. She has no reason to worry about you, and you should have no reason to worry about her. Again, if it’s not interfering with your work, she’s being ridiculous, and you all know this. She may burn out and break up with her bf eventually, or he’ll dump her from the ridiculousness, and then the whole thing will be over.


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