i’ve decided that maybe i should turn this here blog into an advice column.


1. to give me something to do. i’m kinda’ bored sometimes.

2. i love giving advice.

3. i’m pretty good at giving advice.

typically, the advice i give is relationship advice: relationships with your significant other, the guy you met last week, people in general, or your mom.

why am i qualified for this?

1. i studied sociolinguistics – and specifically, gender interactions.

2. i’m mad empathic. seriously.

3. as a trained writer (with an MFA!), i’m capable of expressing ideas eloquently.

so send in your questions!

tomorrow: “why would he lie?”


2 Responses to “advice.”

  1. 1 Lena
    March 4, 2010 at 10:58 am

    How do I tell my husband that while I enjoy watching historical documentaries with him, sometimes I really wish he would just stfu so I can watch the show and we can talk about it later? In a nice way, of course.

  2. 2 Zach Keller
    March 11, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Dear Kat,
    Avid reader- first time questioner.
    After reading your underwear post, I have come up with another question to ask someone with a female perspective. There has been a recent trend that men with a trimmed sort of 5 o’clock shadow are sexier than the ones that take the time to be clean shaven. From a female perspective, is this a fact, a trend, or something that will stick around for a while? If you wish, you can also combine this with the similar question of chest hair, is el-natural (alla Burt Reynolds sexy) or the more shaven, naked chest of the model picture you posted sexier? Simply curious. Me.

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