dreams of resistance

last night i dreamt dwayne and i were part of a resistance force against nazi-occupied america. it was kind of crazy. there were motorcycles involved. and lobbing grenades across barricades. and not trusting certain acquaintances because we weren’t sure what side they were on.

eventually we found a bookstore that was getting people out into safer zones. i left. dwayne decided to stay and fight, but i didn’t want to risk it. we were on the bad lists already.

and upon reaching home i discovered a friend had died suddenly of cancer. and my twin sister, who had a haircut from when we were five and looked five again, was pregnant.




1 Response to “dreams of resistance”

  1. 1 Bismarck
    February 5, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Your dream reminds me of “Resistance Song” by Jill Sobule.

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