so drained.

for anyone who is thinking of starting a new job AND adopting a very young puppy within the same week, i discourage it. emmett, while adorable, is also quite a handful, and when he’s not trying to chew on everything (unsuccessfully, i might add, because HE HAS HIS OWN TOYS, grawrrrr) or needing to go out, he’s whining because he’s in his crate. he sings more than anything else. i really think he’s part goose. but at 3 in the morning when he wakes up and discovers he’s alone, it can be a bit disturbing.

furthermore, coming from a “freelance” lifestyle where my natural circadian rhythm of sleeping from 3am – 1pm into a world where i need to be at work by 8.30 and should walk the dog, shower, find clothes, and eat breakfast before getting there is a lot more difficult than you might expect. i am sooo tired right now. i can’t see straight. and i still have to take the dog for a walk, make my lunch for tomorrow, wash my face, and figure out what i’m going to wear. and figure out dinner tomorrow and clean rabbit cages and finish freelance work. and go to the grocery store and ya ya ya.

plus the stuff i’m trying to figure out at work is totally self-referential and requires a higher level degree to understand in the first place. so my brain is fried.

oh, i know, you think i’m begging for pity. i’m not. i’m just venting my tiredness. and, you know, filling up blog space. my reader(s) have got to have something to fill their days. right?


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