meet emmett.

emmett about to fall asleep

photo courtesy Jen Williams

on sunday, dwayne and i went to weems artfest to volunteer for the new mexico house rabbit society, who was there with cards and ornaments to help raise money. our booth was in the wildlife and pet rescue organizations pavilion, where the highlights were dozens of dogs and cats, a few raptors (eagles, hawks, owls, and ravens — not veloci-), and a wolf who kept farting (it was awful). we’d decided not to bring any of the adoptable rabbits because they don’t handle stress well, and wolf farts would probably just do them in.

of course, there were puppies. and upon spending a bit of time with a set of four really really cute puppies, my heart melted and i did the inevitable.

i adopted one.

he’s a cream-colored uber dog, 8 weeks old, with green eyes. according to the animal humane association volunteer, he’s half yellow lab, 1/4 golden retriever, and 1/4 pit bull. he does NOT like letting go of something once it’s in his mouth, which is one reason we’re not letting him too close to the rabbits.

we’ve decided to name him emmett, after the great inventor and scientist, dr. emmett lathrop “doc” brown. they have the same hair color.

right now we take him on at least two walks a day, which is when he goes #2. he’s been pretty good about going outside to pee, but he has Wee Pads in his pen. he also has his own chew toys and we’ve been teaching him that clothes, shoes, and people are not acceptable items to chew upon.

overall, he’s totally cute and we’re totally thrilled.


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