about that job offer

i posted on facebook friday that someone told me i’d have a job offer by the beginning of next week, so i thought i’d clarify for anyone who wants to know what’s up and/or has been following my LACK OF JOB drama. i don’t want to jinx it too much, tho, so i won’t use names.

i applied for a technical writer position before halloween at a software company. the job sounded like something i could do, although i don’t have much experience with graphic design, which it called for. however, it sounded pretty heavy on the writing, which, of course, i would love.

i was called in for an interview with the publications department — two fellows who are my ageish — about a week later, wherein i completed an intelligence/aptitude test and got the once-over. the interview was actually pretty good, in my opinion, so i was pretty glad they called me back for a second one the following week. i met with the head of the publications department again, as well as a VP of technology. again, the interview went swimmingly, as far as i can tell — i answered their questions with ease and knowledge, they were impressed with my resume, they laughed at my jokes, i obviously had things to offer. i expected an offer of employment soon thereafter.

instead, i got a call asking me in for yet another interview. at this point, i was a bit nervous. had some weird issue come up? was this going to be a salary negotiation? were they just calling me in to laugh at me for believing i was actually going to get a full-time job that had dignity and was interesting?!?!

i dressed up a bit too much (they’re a jeans-and-sweaters kind of office) and went in with my head held high and my portfolio once again under my arm.

this time, i was led into a nicely-appointed office where a nice man in his early 50s or so whom i thought was the director of marketing talked with me for about two hours.

“so i know you’ve been here a few times already,” he started, “but did they tell you about the new position we’re making?”

they had been talking about creating a second position in the publications department, so i said so. he told me that no, actually, they were thinking about creating a position in the marketing department.

“the publications guys really liked your resume,” he said, “so they told me i should take a look at it and consider it. apparently you tested really well and you interviewed well, too.”

(how cool is that?)

“i’m basically the director of marketing,” he told me. he also told me they don’t really have managers in the classic sense, because all of their managers actually DO WORK, rather than just managing.

he explained their product in detail, their clients, their philosophy, and their expectations. i followed closely and said things to show i understood. he told me about their international clients (and trade shows) and how they haven’t really ever had a real french-speaker on staff, which is something i could obviously offer. we talked about the economy, and the internet, and the future. and we seemed pretty simpatico.

then he asked me if i’d be interested in this sort of position. and i said yes.

he said, “okay, i’ll get my act together and have a job offer for you early next week.”

i was delighted, of course. i already liked the company, and working in marketing is an ideal situation for me. from what i could tell, the people in the office are all hard-working, intelligent, and capable – a rare mix – and on top of that, the industry is interesting and there’s always work to do.

i asked the gentleman for his business card on my way out, with the intention of writing him a thank you note — even if i don’t get the job for real or something doesn’t work out, this has been by far the most positive experience in job hunting i’ve had in a long time.

when i settled down to write the note and actually looked at his card, i realized he was not at all the director of marketing, but rather the president of the company. it occurred to me that what we were discussing was not my coming in as an entry-level marketing assistant to an established marketing order, but rather my being  the beginnings of an actual marketing department.

which is obviously even more exciting.

i’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, but i’m basically thrilled. i’m writing up a list of what i absolutely must have in terms of salary, so that when (if?) the job offer comes, i can be an adult and negotiate.

anyway, that’s the good news.

oh. and. we got a puppy.



1 Response to “about that job offer”

  1. 1 CG
    November 16, 2009 at 5:43 am

    I’m so happy for you–congrats!! (though i’m, of course, trying not to jinx you!)

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