crisis of conscience. sort of.

money vs. morals. isn’t that how it always goes?

i applied for a ghostwriting job which i have come to find out is an academic essay-writing job.  i.e. writing essays for kids who don’t want to do their schoolwork.

i’m kind of indignant about it.  i wrote every single paper i ever turned in, from that research paper on skunks in third grade to my masters degree thesis. i never even asked someone to help me write an outline.  i remember kids in undergrad talking about essay-writing services, but i thought they were just a rumor. turns out there’s a huge industry made up around it.  and yeah, it’s kind of like the black market, as it probably should be.  kids who order essays get scammed a lot, the folks who write the essays get scammed a lot, and it seems like it’s rare that anyone leaves happy.

of course, the company i’d be writing for claims that the essays they send people are meant to be SAMPLE essays. they can’t help it if people want to be unethical and claim the writing is their own, because the company doesn’t publish the essays anywhere else or put a copyright on them.

and i get that some people just can’t write. i know. i can have some sympathy. i just couldn’t get chemistry. except the thing is…. you’re going to college to LEARN how to write.  maybe you’ve got several hundred bucks to spend on an essay for that philosophy class. but some other people are actually doing things the right way and learning.

of course, the money’s good. as someone with a masters degree i would earn 35% of whatever the company would charge for an essay… upwards of $300 a pop.

and it’s tempting. i’m human. and i’m poor.

sometimes morality is easy. (image via lonelyplanet.com)

sometimes morality is easy. (image via tony wheeler at lonelyplanet.com)

but i just can’t do it.

i’ll write press releases, i’ll write research articles, i’ll write customized fiction. but i won’t write academic papers that are meant to take the place of actual learning. especially because i’m the person you’re cheating here. you make my self-earned masters degree that much cheaper by having me write yours, too.

you know how they say there ain’t no rest for the wicked? i disagree. i think there’s no rest for people with consciences.


1 Response to “crisis of conscience. sort of.”

  1. 1 Julia
    October 7, 2009 at 7:22 am

    We need all the people who got master’s degrees by using stolen essays to start trying to get jobs writing essays for the people try to cheat their way through school. Then it’ll be a big circle of bad writing, and your good writing will sky rocket in value. Tada. Leave ’em to themselves!

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