when i was a kid (like, 12 or 13 years old) i learned that wind was basically caused by changes in pressure and temperature.  the air in high pressure places moves to lower pressure places en masse in an attempt to keep a kind of equilibrium.  yes, that’s a massive over-simplification, but what i gleaned from this is that wind means change.

it’s windy today. typically, wind in the autumn means there will be a cold front coming through. or it will rain.

i have tried in my life to see physical wind as a reminder of other changes, too.  like when i’m feeling sad, wind can remind me that even the air is changing, so why shouldn’t my life?

i hate wind, though. a lot.  it’s noisy, it’s annoying, it kicks up dust.

but i try to remember to use it as a metaphor in my life.  wind means change.  while i hate change, it can often be for the better.


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