reunions and prickly pears

this weekend the albuquerque academy’s class of 1999 came back to town, or for the members who never left, gathered together in one place, to celebrate their 10-year reunion.

in spite of the fact that i’m from the class of 2000, i have participated to some degree.

my friend chris noble came to stay in our guest bedroom for a few nights and enjoy the festivities.

10-year reunions are funny things. the stuff of “gross pointe blank” and other hollywood tomes, they really are not that big of a deal, as far as i can tell. maybe you go. maybe you don’t. sometimes you go the homecoming football game.

i did.
it was the first time i’d ever been to see my high school play a football game. i know. bad kat. i think we won. which we never did my senior year of high school. so that’s exciting.

i’ve seen a bunch of people i went to high school with, and a lot of them hadn’t changed. everyone was a bit bigger or a bit older or maybe even a bit more confident. i wish i’d had more time to see them and hear their stories. i really enjoyed a lot of them. high school feels like a far away dream.

i saw a friend from high school, lily maase, play her guitar with a small band at the el rey last night. she was awesome. and gorgeous. graduating from high school has made us all more comfortable with our hair, i think. hers is a beautiful red that curls up in kinks. she wore a short purple dress with one sleeve and some amazing red lace-up boots and looked like a pin up out of a brooklyn hipster’s wet dream. and of course her talent shone through like none other. she is one hell of a guitarist. it felt kind of epic watching her. even though we lived on the same coast for several years, i never got to see her play.  it’s really good to see people my age that i really  like being really good at what they do.  sure, she’s had to work in some funky places — designing kitchens for a while — and summers can be hard to keep money flowing in.  but she’s good at what she does.  i’m proud to know her.  and it was nice to say, “yes, i’m writing for a living.” it always is.

half the class of 1999 appears to be lawyers.  a lot of them still don’t talk to me even when i’m standing right in front of them.  a curious affectation of social life that i guess won’t ever go away.  i’ve considered the idea that maybe i give off stand-offish vibes, but pffft.  whatever.

this afternoon, after a long brunch at The Grove Cafe involving two bottles of prosecco and cupcakes, prickly pear bush c/o New Mexico Photosi came home and read for a while, then went for a “run”. i grabbed a couple prickly pears off some cacti — they’re ripe now. i forgot, though, that prickly pears are called “prickly” for a reason.
i really am glad to be living here now. maybe it’s a good thing i can’t seem to snag a full-time job back on the east coast. the weather has been perfect the past few days — not a cloud in the sky.

at night sometimes i have trouble.  i’m still sad.  i remind myself it’s the seratonin, but it’s still hard.  it’s easy to cry over nothing.  but it’s also easier to get up in the mornings than it was a week ago.  and i’m not constantly weepy all the time.

i suppose now i need a good prickly pear recipe.  any ideas?


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