turned down.

i got turned down yet again for another job. i apply UNENDINGLY and when i do get interviews, i get my hopes up, which is stupid. basically i’ve made a full-time job of applying for jobs, full-time or otherwise. i’ve been looking for a job for over a year now. sure, i’ve worked a few in the meantime, but really, nothing has stuck. why is this such a hard process?
i look at my friends who have jobs that they enjoy, or can stand, at least. some of my friends have great careers going, and i don’t know why i don’t. i know i’m picky. i know i’m gun shy, too. i’ve been bullied at work and i’ve worked with crazy people, and it makes it really hard for me to trust a new place. and of course, it makes -me- look untrustworthy, which really really sucks.
i’ve read so much bad copy around the world. people obviously need writers. why can’t i find these people?
i have to look at the places i have been accepted recently and remind myself that sometimes, it’s just luck…

– i got a story published in a Web journal called Omnia Vanitas Review, which is exciting for me.
– i wrote ten stories for a Web site in New Zealand and got paid (woot).
– i’ve written a few customized stories for friends.
– i’m totally stoked to be going to a meeting for An Underground Guide to ABQ next week.
– i’ve written a few articles for TOEFL materials for Creative Content, LLC.
– EVS liked me enough to keep me on in a freelance capacity (although I haven’t had anything to write this month…).
– My friends have hired me to write profiles for their Websites, etc.

so it’s not all bad news, all the time.
it just feels that way. especially when i look at my bank account.
anyone need a writer?


1 Response to “turned down.”

  1. 1 Melisa
    July 9, 2010 at 8:01 am

    It took me over a year to even find a temp job when it used to take me about 2 days. I’ve finally found one and it’s turning out to be really good (I got super lucky). It sounds so cliche but the job market is still really tough. People are starting to hire again but slowly. Most times they are just making one person do 3 jobs ubtil they break.
    And as gun shy as you are, they are too. There is a lot at risk when they hire someone and I’m sure they’ve been burned in the past too.
    So it’s not you, you’re a wonderful writer and people want to hear from you. You’ll get something that’ll be a great fit and your patience will pay off

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