bad dreams, 9/11

i’ve been having a lot of weird, bad dreams.  i think it’s because i’m coming off effexor, and because i’m also taking 5-htp, which is supposed to increase seratonin, but also help you lose weight (i think because of the seratonin, makes you feel full when you eat).  my dreams are just really unsettling.  last night i dreamt i got kidnapped by a group that always killed its victims, and somehow i escaped.  it was really brutal.  and then i was graduated from the University of Arizona and i couldn’t show my face because i was afraid the people who’d kidnapped me would find me. also, my mom put a giant screen around the entire backyard so nobody could see in, which made me sad, because there was no sunlight. then i dreamt that my boyfriend had moved to austin, texas, and i could only see him when i came to visit. not only was he living there, but his ex-girlfriend was there, and she had two children, which were his. and she was a very very needy bitch. and i just wanted to leave.  we went to denny’s in my dream, too, and my boyfriend just ignored me and sat at the table with his ex and his ex’s kids.

hard dreams.

also i have tummy troubles.

and i’m sad, unreasonably sad and blue.

screw you medication.


1 Response to “bad dreams, 9/11”

  1. 1 Kate A.
    September 18, 2009 at 12:35 am

    Dude Effexor will fuck you up! (As you have noticed). I took it for a month years and years ago and it was the worst withdrawal EVER. I felt like half my head was being sawed off. I was experimenting with lots of meds that year but that one was by far the worst. Apparently it works wonders for some people but… yeah. Godspeed.

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