omaha. my impressions.

it’s my last night in omaha and … well. i fell asleep at about 7 and woke up about 20 minutes ago and will probably spend the next few hours reading until i fall asleep again. this is par for the course in omaha for me. because i’m with my parents. and, you know, effexor withdrawal = sleepytime.

nevertheless, thought i might tell you a bit about my night out in omaha last night.

per my dear cousin flossie’s suggestion, and much to my mother’s chagrin (sorry, mom), i went to the homy inn (1510 N Saddle Creek Rd, Omaha, NE 68104-5065 (402) 554-5815) down closer to the center of town. it’s a kind of dive/local place, with house-brewed champagne on tap and a pretty good selection of local brews, etc. it was pretty quiet when i showed up and ordered me a glass of the champagne around 9pm — “dry or sweet?” asked the bartendress; i said dry. i was somewhat surprised nobody was talking to me right off the bat, seeing as this is omaha and the people are known for their friendliness. must’ve been my raging new york city style earrings. i watched the football game a bit and got to sipping.

eventually, the only other liberal in all of omaha sat down next to me and we got to talking. he drinks crown royal. we talked about linguistics, our atheism, our childhoods, and the fact that he likes omaha and wouldn’t move.

i get that kind of impression from a lot of people. it’s a nice town. people have their palin/mccain stickers still clinging to their cars, which makes me a little uncomfortable, but for the most part they’re nice and they’ll help you out. there’s plenty of alcohol, even for the good church-going nebraskans, and a lot of football spirit, so it’s just homey.

but i realized that even if i wanted to raise a family some day, i couldn’t find myself able to do it in a place like omaha. i’m just not that kind of wholesome. i’d be the kind of mom the whole neighborhood thought was weird and out of place, and my children would suffer for it. so, um, i’m 1. not having children, and 2. definitely not having children in omaha.

but otherwise it’s not such a bad town, even if you only get to go out for one night, and i suspect the bartender started ignoring us when she started hearing us talking about our atheism and our liberalism. ahem. oh well.


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