god hates ugly

dwayne and i were out running errands today and i was in a pretty sour mood — hungry, withdrawally, generally cranky… so i was being mean to dwayne and criticizing his driving. he was just trying to get us home as quickly as possible, and he tried to change into a left lane, but a blue honda fit was going way fast and honked and flipped us off as he drove by.

so i flipped him off back.
and he flipped the bird again.

so i flipped BOTH my birds and my big toe!

and he yelled, “learn how to drive!”
so i yelled, “SLOW DOWN!” and made a big ugly face at him.

and then he tried to swerve into another lane too fast without looking and swerved back into the lane in front of us. so i yelled, “learn how to drive!!!”

he switched into the middle lane and waited til we pulled up next to him to turn left at menaul, then threw a diet coke can at my face. it hit me.

so i called the cops.
we followed him for a bit to get his license plate number, which scared him, i think (would have scared me, too, probably).

called him in — had to call three different numbers — and now i’m at home waiting for the cops to come and take my statement and make sure i don’t need a paramedic.

i think i have a bruise on my cheek.

it’s not serious.

i’m just mad.
i’m mad that i have a big mouth and i’m mad people can be so ugly.
and i’m still hungry.
and i’m shaking and i’m crying.


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